Back Like I Never Left. Tips on How to Not Run a Blog

So I have a bit of a confession to make. When I started on this journey to make a blog worth reading I was unaware of how clever I had to be in order to create topics that people want to read about. In my search for a grand idea to write about I could never come up with that one thing to wow my audience. So here we are with an explanation post as to why I havent been around in a while. The last time I was here I spoke on tips and tricks to find a nail salon But since then nothing really has been happening in my life. I continue to go to the same nail salons so nothing new there.

What to Talk About? 

Well I have a few ideas on what to say when I write my next article. From the feedback from my previous post people want to know more about my day to day. I guess I am just that popular. At the end of the day what I do vs what the blogs do who have million of followers is essentially the same.

Are you Interested In Beauty Tips?

Since I feel I am a bit of an afficianado when it comes to beauty I am leaning towards writing specifically for things of that nature. So feel free to ask me to write about something beauty specific in the comments and I will do my best to continue with this awesome blog.